Elgin Community College — Instructor of Nursing

Elgin Community College (ECC) is a comprehensive, fully accredited community college located in Elgin, Illinois, one of its most rapidly growing cities. Our district encompasses 360 square miles, serving 400,000 people, 11,000 businesses with four public school districts and 15 high schools. ECC was selected as one of five Illinois community colleges to participate in the national Achieving the Dream (AtD) initiative. is a long-term national initiative that collaborates with community colleges to help more students earn degrees, complete certificates, or transfer to four-year institutions to continue their studies. The park-like setting of our 145 acre Main Campus offers instruction spanning nine major buildings with beautiful views. ECC also offers classes throughout the northwest suburbs of Chicago with more than 100 off-campus locations.


Full-time teaching faculty instruct students and evaluate their progress to facilitate students in attaining their educational goals.

Essential Responsibilities:

Deliver Instruction

  1. Conduct assigned classes and/or labs
  2. Prepare lessons
  3. Provide course syllabus (which shall include course information, grading standards, attendance policies, classroom behavioral expectations, and course outline)
  4. Utilize learning outcomes assessment and measures to improve learning/instruction. If a lab is involved:
  5. Prepare labs
  6. Enforce lab safety procedures

Evaluate Student Progress

  1. Keep accurate record of student performance
  2. Provide students with timely feedback

Provide Student Assistance

  1. Maintain office hours and voice-mail/e-mail communication
  2. Give career and academic advice
  3. Refer students to student support services
  4. Accommodate special needs students

Develop Curriculum

  1. Review/select textbooks and instructional materials
  2. Develop/revise courses
  3. Develop/revise degree/certificate programs
  4. Review/revise course outlines
  5. Participate in articulation of courses/programs. If occupational program is involved:
  6. Consult with advisory committees

Participate in Professional Development

  1. Participate in professional growth activities that are aligned with the college’s strategic goals.
  2. Keep current on research and technologies in assigned specialties
  3. Participate in professional growth activities
  4. Participate in professional organizations

Participate in Departmental Routines

  1. Assist in scheduling of classes
  2. Assist in setting departmental goals, learning outcomes and selection of textbooks
  3. Participate in assessment of student learning outcomes at the college, program and course-level
  4. Assist in assessing new equipment and/or supplies
  5. Serve on standing committees
  6. Serve on ad hoc committees (for example, search, college task-force, or instructional area committees)
  7. Participate in program review
  8. Comply with registration/records procedures
  9. Verify student enrollment
  10. Attend College-wide faculty meetings
  11. Serve on non-tenure faculty evaluation committees in accordance with the agreed upon Faculty Evaluation Handbook
  12. Complete the requirements of the evaluation process


  1. A master’s degree with a major in nursing.
  2. Two years experience in clinical nursing practice as a Registered Nurse.

For a detailed job posting and to apply, please visit our web site at: jobs.elgin.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=52589

Elgin Community College is an Equal Employment, Equal Access Employer committed to increasing the diversity of our workforce.