College of DuPage — Assistant Provost of Student Affairs

The Assistant Provost of Student Affairs (APSA) reports to the Provost, the Chief Student Affairs officer of the College, and is a member of the Provost Council. The APSA is responsible for the leadership and vision for the planning, policy development, implementation and assessment of College Student Affairs programs and services consistent with the College mission and goals. The APSA, working in conjunction with the Provost, has the primary duty of student success, including recruiting, enrolling, progressing, and graduating students.

The APSA leads the strategic planning for Student Affairs, and is responsible for developing, in collaboration with the administrative staff, an annual plan for accomplishing the objectives of all operations reporting to the APSA. The APSA has responsibility to see that the College continues to develop and operate in an effective as well as efficient mode, that all auxiliary student focused enterprises operate in a fiscally sound manner, and that partnerships are maintained and strengthened. The APSA provides strong leadership with high expectations for the administrative staff, and works collaboratively to accomplish specific goals as set by the Provost and President.

  • Provides leadership and coordination for the development, implementation, and assessment of division-wide policies, procedures, and systems within all areas of Student Affairs.
  • Works with the Provost and adjunct staff of Student Affairs to develop and implement college-wide policy and procedures.
  • Provides direct supervision and effective leadership to the Student Affairs administration and managers.
  • Develops high performing teams and achieves desired results in areas of influence within Student Affairs.
  • Develops initiatives that support the vision and mission of the College through the Strategic Plan.
  • Develops, leads, and supports strategies designed that impact overall student success at the College.
  • Ensures that Student Affairs and Academic Affairs work collaboratively to provide student programs at the College which promote student development and academic success.
  • Establishes and maintains positive and effective working relationships with students, college employees and related college stakeholders.
  • Establishes an on-going systematic Student Affairs assessment plan.
  • Provides for the development and fiscal management of the College and associated budgets within the Student Affairs division.
  • Represents the College at official functions on campus and within the community including student and faculty functions, business, governmental, civic, and community groups.
  • Becomes involved in, and takes leadership responsibility for, other tasks as assigned by the Provost or the President.


  • Must have demonstrated sustained, inclusive and decisive leadership in higher education in positions of increasing administrative responsibility.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in student affairs administrative leadership.
  • Demonstrated experience using data to positively affect student success.
  • Demonstrated experience of positive and proactive approaches in identifying problems, creating innovative solutions, managing projects, leading teams through collaboration, and implementing efficiencies and effectiveness using technology.
  • Demonstrated experience in leading change.

Doctorate degree from an accredited college or university.