Virginia Tech — Director of Diversity and Inclusion

The Pamplin College of Business cultivates an appreciation of inclusion and diversity among faculty, students, and staff and is intentional in the recruitment, engagement, education, and retention of underrepresented populations within the college. The Director of Diversity and Inclusion will coordinate with others in the college to support current and new inclusion initiatives. He/she will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and assessing the advancement of diversity and inclusion of all stakeholders of the College: alumni boards, graduate students, faculty, and staff. The Director will serve as a liaison between the University Office of Inclusion and Diversity and the College and will be responsible for coordination across the various constituencies within the College.

A core component of this work will include partnering with department heads to advance faculty diversity, including recruitment and retention and to interact with them on decisions related to personnel situations and academic programs. There is an expectation that data will be used to inform decision making. The position will establish and maintain networks of university partners. He or she will identify opportunities for outreach to national organizations and disciplinary associations as part of a proactive approach to identifying prospective applicants that promote a diverse faculty.

Job Duties:

  • In conjunction with senior college leadership, will determine short and long-term College diversity and inclusion goals and develop strategy for increased participation of underrepresented stakeholders.
  • Partner with department heads to advance faculty diversity. This will include efforts to attract, promote and retain underrepresented faculty.
  • Coordinate the development of materials on proactive recruitment tools and strategies to increase diversity within applicant pools. Follow up with qualified diverse candidates identified by search committees.
  • Establish protocols for the identification of potential retention risks – circumstances and
    issues that may lead to departure — among those who contribute to faculty diversity.
  • Establish a working relationship with the university’s director of faculty diversity recruitment to identify best practices for diverse faculty recruiting and retention.
  • Advise faculty, staff, and other committees within the College regarding initiatives and strategies to increase diversity and inclusion awareness
  • Act as the college representative on University, College, and Department committees and engage with organizations whose goals and objectives align with this position
  • Partner with the undergraduate and graduate offices to increase the ability to attract and retain a diverse student population
  • Evaluate the success of inclusion and diversity programs and initiatives within the College and prepare a detailed annual report to include data analytics. Make recommendations for the continuance or change in such programs.

Required qualifications include a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree and training and work experience at a level that equates to an advanced degree; experience identifying and/or recruiting underrepresented populations; leadership and development experience with inclusion and diversity issues and programs; demonstrated commitment to inclusion; experience working with diverse communities; candidate must possess strong communication, administrative, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills; ability to work in a diverse and dynamic environment; experience working with senior management and/or faculty on issues of strategic importance. Preferred qualifications of an undergraduate or graduate degree in a business-related field; ability to interact effectively with administrative, faculty, staff and student constituencies at all levels; experience working in a higher education environment or an agency that partners with higher education institutions; experience in recruiting diverse instructional faculty and in developing programs for their promotion and retention.

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