Harvard University — Assistant Dean for Student Services and Programs

Duties & Responsibilities
The Assistant Dean for Student Services and Programs plays an important role in the success and experience of students at the Kennedy School. Responsible for ensuring the delivery of well-run degree programs, the well-being and success of degree program students, and a high-quality student experience. Works extensively and collaboratively with other senior managers as a member of the Degree Programs and Student Affairs (DPSA) senior leadership team in support of the mission and goals of DPSA, HKS and the University.

The Assistant Dean for Student Services and Programs will: oversee, advise, support and guide the directors of the various master’s (MPP, MPA, MPA/ID) and PhD programs as well as the Senior Director of Student Services, assisting them in solving problems, communicating their needs and perspectives, fostering collaboration, and ensuring consistency across HKS degree programs. Encourage the adoption of a “whole student” approach to advising and student support. Ensure that information flows effectively and efficiently between programs, student services and DPSA more broadly in order to best serve the HKS student body in their academic and extra-curricular pursuits, including student government, journals, conferences, travel, as well as the provision of accessibility accommodations.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Develop, recommend and implement degree program policies and processes in consultation with the Senior Associate Dean, faculty chairs, school leadership and other stakeholders. Advise faculty and others regarding policies and procedures related to students. Oversee the annual content review and publishing of the HKS Student Handbook.
  • Serve as the HKS Title IX Coordinator for students, disseminating information about policies, managing and keeping track of cases as appropriate, and providing guidance and support to students as needed.
  • Contribute to DPSA’s strategic planning efforts and other department-wide initiatives.
  • Meet with students on personal and academic matters and develop solutions to individual problems.
  • Oversee orientation and commencement. Provide general oversight of student services and degree programs budgets and web presence.
  • Partner with Admissions to build a stronger, more integrated relationship between Admissions and our various degree programs; assist with recruitment, and serve on admissions committees.
  • Serve as primary back up to the Senior Associate Dean on academic and programmatic issues, student matters, and on various committees, including the Local Emergency Management Team.
  • Serve on internal and university-wide committees to inform school-wide policies and contribute to special projects and initiatives as needed.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with the Academic Dean’s Office, Degree Program Faculty Chairs, other school leadership, and other faculty members.
  • Research and write reports, analyze and resolve problems, and deliver presentations as needed.

Master’s degree. Minimum of 8 years of experience in higher education administration, preferably in student services


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