Harvard University — Program Manager for City Support, Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative

Duties & Responsibilities
The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative is an ambitious joint effort of Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School in close collaboration with and funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies to advance leadership, management, and innovation in cities. The program aims to equip mayors and their senior leaders with the tools, skills, and support increasingly required to tackle the complex leadership and management challenges faced in running cities. The initiative is comprised of executive education (e.g. classes for mayors and senior leaders), ongoing support for cities in applying the learning (e.g. coaching, workshops, research support), and research and curriculum development (e.g. new cases, tools for the classroom, and knowledge about municipal governance and problem-solving).

The initiative works with a cohort of roughly forty cities (comprised of mayors and two senior leaders from each city) at a time for a period of approximately one year. Each cohort kicks off with an in-person program comprised of several days of classes and workshops facilitated by Harvard faculty. Following the in-person programming, a small, but highly impactful, team orchestrates the delivery of services to help the participants apply and extend their learning and increase their capacity to solve problems in their cities. The Program Manager will serve an integral role in providing services and support to participants.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Manage Engagements with Cities. Serve as primary liaison for a portfolio of participants in ten to twelve cities, maintaining in-depth understanding of their personal development priorities, organizational priorities, and the ways in which the initiative’s services and support can advance their progress. Provide first-rate support to participants.
  • Service/Support Execution. Serve as a product manager for a subset of the services offered to participants. Drive ongoing improvement in services and support provided.
  • Service/Support Design. Working with the initiative’s leadership and faculty, develop and pilot new services and partnerships that support participants in their development as leaders, in applying the learnings from the initiative, and in improving the capacity to solve problems in their cities.
  • Nurture a Network of Support. Leverage, build, and maintain a network of partners, faculty, and practitioners that can share information and insight in support of the initiative’s participants. Connect participants to relevant innovations, solutions, and approaches to common problems across cities.
  • Contribute to Overall Program design. Share insights garnered from interaction with cities to inform and shape all facets of the design of the initiative.
  • Team Advancement. Foster and contribute to a culture of excellence grounded in learning, problem solving, and teamwork. Collaborate with colleagues to identify recommendations for programmatic improvements.

Bachelor’s Degree and 7 years of progressively responsible experience supporting cities, working for cities or other similarly complex organizations, or providing technical assistance to cities on innovation, strategy, operations, or service delivery.


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