Delta College — Associate Dean of Retention

Position Summary
Provide leadership in the planning, development, and evaluation of college-wide retention programs and services. Supervise and direct the Center for Counseling, Advising and Career Services, including planning, organizing, staffing, budgeting, and evaluation. Serve on the Enrollment Management Directors Counsel, the Student and Educational Services Division leadership team, and participate in the overall enrollment management planning process of the college. Assist academic deans, department chairs, and faculty in planning academic offerings. Administer student programming to assist students in identifying academic programs, choosing courses, completing programs, timely graduation, seamless transfers, and gainful employment.

The Associate Dean will develop and continuously improve programs, communications and services in response to the changing needs of students and the evolving institutional priorities for Delta College’s prospective, new and returning students, with emphasis on student success initiatives that lead to enrollment, retention and degree/certificate completion. Departmental services will be assessed utilizing varied instruments, including national tools such as the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) process, Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS), Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) and others to ensure the highest quality services.


Academic Advising

  1. Plan and develop effective group and individual academic advising programs that lead to student academic success, retention, and timely graduation.
  2. Serve on the Academic Affairs Council; consult with academic deans, academic chairs and faculty regarding the development of academic programs and courses in regards to the effect on student enrollment and success.
  3. Serve on Guided Pathways Committee, assist in the development of guided pathways for all occupational and transfer programs.
  4. Coordinate the services of the Transfer Center with four-year college/university representatives who provide advising services to Delta students planning to transfer.
  5. Coordinate with Admissions, Registrar and Financial Aid Offices in the planning and delivery of the New Student Orientation Program.
  6. Provide direction and supervision of the Bridge Program, including the advising services for student participants. Develop alerts and services for at-risk students.
  7. Supervise and direct the day-to-day operation of the Counseling and Advising Center and ensure the quality and effectiveness of the services provided.
  8. Provide leadership with the planning and operation of the retention communication plan using the Advise CRM system.
  9. Provide leadership in the full utilization of other student success software programs, such as Student Planning, to assist with advising, degree planning, and tracking.

Counseling Services:

  1. Plan and develop effective group and individual counseling programs that lead to student academic success, retention, and timely graduation.
  2. Recruit, supervise, and evaluate licensed counseling staff.
  3. Supervise the operation of the Best Expectations Program to assist students on academic warning and academic probation.
  4. Make referrals to community mental health programs, social service and family development agencies, and psychological services when needed

Career and Employment Services:

  1. Plan, develop and evaluate programs and services for undecided students as well as those who change majors.
  2. Plan, develop, and evaluate effective employment preparation programs.
  3. Keep abreast of future projected career opportunities and their potential impact on students or program offerings.
  4. Participate with advisory committees for occupational and career programs of study.

Required Qualifications:

  1. Master’s degree from an accredited institution in higher education, student development or a related field.
  2. Five years of related work experience (in enrollment management or student development program management or other educational management or administrative experience) in a college or university.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge and application of student development and retention theory and strategies.
  4. Strong leadership experience in developing and implementing services and programs designed to foster retention and the academic achievement of students.
  5. Ability to understand and apply student success data in programming and service delivery.
  6. Demonstrated experience with educational software programs and technology.
  7. A proven track record in building effective teams, including the motivation and development of staff as well as the demonstrated ability to supervise and evaluate the work performed by others.
  8. Proven ability to work collaboratively and successfully with diverse populations and demonstrated commitment to promote and enhance diversity and inclusion.
  9. Excellent oral, written and presentation skills and exceptional listening skills.
  10. Experience with assessment and course placement tools that impact students.
  11. Other: Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Relevant work experience in a community college setting.
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of utilizing psychometric principles with assessment instruments for course placement.

Application Deadline
Position will remain open until filled. First consideration will be given to applicants who submit materials on or before May 30, 2018. The College reserves the right to close the recruitment process once a sufficient applicant pool has been identified.

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