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Departmental Overview
The African American Student Development program (AASD) is located among the programs known as Multicultural Student Development (MSD), which in turn is within the cluster of Centers for Educational Justice & Community Engagement (EJCE), also known as the Campus Climate Unit. This cluster is comprised of the Multicultural Community Center, the Gender Equity Resource Center, and Multicultural Student Development (MSD). MSD is comprised of four programs: African American Student Development, Asian Pacific American Student Development, Chicanx/Latinx Student Development, and Native American Student Development. The Director of AASD reports to the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Equity & Inclusion who in turn reports to the Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion. The AASD Director is also an intricate part of the leadership, vision, operation and programming of the Fannie Lou Hamer Resource Center.

The Director of AASD is responsible for identifying and addressing the barriers that impede the curricular and co-curricular success of African American/Black students at UCB. The Director designs and implements programs that improve African American/Black student retention, orients students to the intellectual life of the campus, helps with practical application of leadership and other concepts learned in their classes, and fosters a sense of community while honoring culturally significant traditions. The Director provides expert counsel to the university administration on policies and procedures that impact the African American/Black community at UCB and collaborates with partners within EJCE and across campus to ensure broad impact and understanding of African American/Black issues and concerns. The Director also collaborates across the Division of Equity & Inclusion to provide education and training to the broader campus community for the improvement of the climate of inclusion across all marginalized identities. The Director’s role is integral to co-curricular support, program planning, student leadership development, and ensuring that the focus, content, and perspective of AASD programs/activities/events resonate with the values, principles, mission, and goals of EJCE as well as the strategic plan of the Division of Equity and Inclusion.

As a member of the MSD and EJCE/Campus Climate Unit, the Director of AASD collaborates with campus partners to provide leadership on ethnic specific and multicultural issues that promote students’ academic success and ensures their full access and participation in campus life. The Director works across EJCE/ Campus Climate Unit to address the complexities of creating inclusive spaces and experiences for students of multiple cultural and social identities and ensuring that the university community is equipped with the resources and information to facilitate the inclusion of community members across all identities. This is achieved through developing programs, activities, and strategies that engage students in multicultural practices that acknowledge and celebrate their individual and collective experiences and providing multicultural expertise to campus administrators. The programs within Multicultural Student Development are critical in helping to create an inclusive environment for multiple populations across campus through education and other interventions that minimize inter-group tensions and maximize cross-cultural understandings. Together the EJCE/Campus Climate Unit team provides advocacy, support, resources and programs aimed at increasing retention, inclusion and understanding across the campus community on issues of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, sexual and relationship violence as well as on bias related incidents.


Program Design, Management and Administration

  • Provides leadership and vision for all AASD initiatives. Designs, develops, oversees and evaluates major initiatives and complex programs to address systematic barriers that impede students’ curricular and co-curricular success. Works in partnership with campus administration and constituent groups to establish and fulfill program vision, mission, and goals.
  • Designs and develops programs and initiatives characterized by open and continuous communication that deepens understanding of the individual student’s own identity, culture, and heritage as well as that of others, with an emphasis on intersectional approaches and frameworks. Support students in navigating a large university campus and expose them to multiple strategies to achieve academic success and increase retention.
  • Develops a multi-year strategic plan and budget. Manages budget, monitors spending, conducts annual evaluation of all AASD programs and services to determine effectiveness; makes necessary modifications; conducts assessments; adjusts budget for any changing campus and student needs.
  • Collaborates with MSD. EJCE, and Campus Climate Unit colleagues, and other E&I staff to develop innovative strategies that address issues such as racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia/heterosexism, and other forms of systematic forms of exclusion and oppression in higher education; seeks to engage the entire campus community in cross-cultural understanding and dialogue.
  • Establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with other campus offices and entities as they relate to the programs and services of AASD, in particular collaborations with Residential Education & Housing, Admissions & Enrollment (Yield Task Force), Ethnic Studies, African American Studies, American Cultures, University Health Services, Financial Aid Office, Office of the Registrar, Black Staff & Faculty Organization, and others. May develop and teach courses for credit in partnership with Ethnic Studies, African American Studies, or other academic departments.
    In collaboration and partnership with African American Studies faculty, develops strategic initiatives, joint academic initiatives and sponsors orientation initiatives that introduces students to campus services and resources which help students make a successful adjustment to the campus’s academic and social life.
  • Employs critical thinking in problem solving; uses a variety of data both qualitative and quantitative, understands and evaluates complex information from a variety of sources including research, professional experience and personal observation to form a decision or opinion; demonstrates an appreciation for current research and trends in the fields of multicultural education, sexuality and gender studies, and student affairs (student learning and development)
  • Recruits, selects, trains, supervises and evaluates AASD student assistants and interns (paid and volunteer) and Fannie Lou Hamer Resource Center staff. Makes assignments and gives direction. Provides opportunities for students to garner transferable skills that enhance each student’s leadership development.
  • Operates as work leader for career staff assigned to support AASD. Leads recruitment, selection and training. Makes assignments and gives direction. Oversees implementation of work assignments. Provides timely feedback to employee and to supervisor of record.
  • Participates actively as a team member in the Campus Climate Unit/EJCE EJCE cluster and E&I division activities; maintains a collaborative relationship with colleagues; and makes recommendations that benefit and strengthen the development of the Campus Climate Unit/EJCE and the division of Equity & Inclusion.
  • Creates and implements a fundraising strategy for AASD. Works with the African American Initiative Implementation Team to support information gathering around student needs; Collaborates with other team members and the E&I Development team to establish revenue generation goals/targets. Assists in grant writing and other fundraising activities (e.g., African American/Black alumni relations) to raise funds for programs the benefit African American/Black student success as well as the success of other historically marginalized communities.
  • Monitors student trends and issues and continually assesses the nature and effectiveness of AASD programming and activities to make ongoing improvements. Conducts evaluations and assessment of program initiatives, e.g., workshop evaluations, student satisfaction surveys, observation, etc.
  • Hires, supervise and evaluates performance of all full time, part-time and limited appointment staff of AASD and the Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center

Advocacy, Support and Student Development

  • Conceives and implements initiatives that support and enhance the curricular and co-curricular success of the African American/Black student community, with particular attention to underrepresented African American/Black communities at UC Berkeley. Initiatives and activities include: annual African American/Black issues conference, workshops on leadership development, dialogs on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, resources for campus and community internships, and presentations on undergraduate and graduate research. Builds relationships with academic departments and research units to improve the retention and success of African American/Black undergraduates and preparation for graduate school. Skilled at building relationships with local community leaders and community-based organizations to connect students with community-based research projects.
  • In partnership with Residential Education & Housing, oversees the African American Theme Program, including providing direction for the seminar and other educational programs; convenes an advisory board; includes this program in fundraising goals; evaluates student satisfaction; and accesses AATP program effectiveness.
  • Facilitates student leadership development through appropriate and timely advising; provides leadership and social skills workshops as needed. Designs for students to learn and develop leadership and other life skills through paid and unpaid internships in AASD and EJCE. Identifies mentors and nurtures potential student leaders; directs them toward appropriate resources that will assist with each student’s development and learning. May sponsor student attendance at academic and leadership conferences when appropriate and feasible. May develop programs that enable students to apply concepts that they have learned in their classes in field and community settings.
  • Responds to students who seek assistance with issues that arises in the Black community and impacts their experiences as an African American/Black at UC Berkeley. Ensures that individual students can make effective use of existing campus policies, procedures and resources; works with campus departments, managers, and high-level administrators in seeking appropriate resolution to student concerns. Makes appropriate referrals and recommendations to on-campus and off-campus resources and services as necessary.
  • Provides expert advice to campus administration on responding to incidents that adversely affect the campus climate for the UCB African American/Black community.
  • Advises African American/Black student organizations as needed, providing advice and guidance on campus policies and procedures.
  • Ensures that privacy and confidentiality are maintained with respect to all communications and students in accordance with University, state and federal privacy laws and policies
  • May oversee analytical or research projects to learn more about African American/Black students’ experiences and/or the effectiveness of programs serving African American/Black students. May commission program evaluations or assessments, e.g., student satisfaction surveys, focus groups, etc.

Campus, UC and Community Leadership

  • Provides comprehensive expert guidance on a variety of academic, student development, and campus climate issues affecting African American/Black students and “at-risk students.” Provides intellectual leadership and vision for a spectrum of cross-cultural and multicultural services and activities. Serves as subject matter expert on African American/Black students in higher education as well as on multicultural programs and initiatives.
  • Responds to appropriate inquiries from students, staff, faculty, administrators, alumni, community members, and counterparts at other UCs and across the nation, including providing resource and information assistance as necessary.
  • Maintains continuous open channels of communication with supervisor through regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Informs the campus leadership of current and emerging state and federal law, policies or events, and student trends that might impact the African American/Black community at Berkeley.
  • Engages in reasonable and informed practices that enhance the student experience; balances the needs of students and the realities of the campus, and limits liability exposure of the institution.
  • Demonstrates integrity, accountability and efficient stewardship of University resources in a manner consistent with UC policies including the UC Standards of Ethical Conduct and Safety Policies.
  • Develops and maintains professional interpersonal relationships with colleagues; works cooperatively with others; seeks the involvement of others; contributes to the achievement of a team goal, listens to and considers other perspectives; treats others with respect, and exhibits strong political acumen.
  • Participates in campus-wide and system-wide committees that impact policies and programs concerning services for multiple student populations (for example, campus climate team, undocumented students, immigrant students).
  • Provides direction for the campus in developing policies and procedures for implementation of student-related equity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Identifies solutions for equity and inclusion issues affecting academic support, student development, student services, and campus climate. Works collaboratively with staff, faculty, administrators, alumni, and students to identify and implement innovative approaches in meeting the needs of a diverse and changing student body.
  • Other duties as assigned, including: Special projects; membership in divisional and campus committees and work teams, and so forth. Professional development: keeps abreast of changing and evolving trends regarding African American/Black students, multicultural education/counseling, multicultural education, identity, student development, and student learning theories.

Required Qualifications

  • Demonstrated advanced content expertise and knowledge of research findings, theories, and best practices in multicultural education/counseling, as well as identity, student development, and student learning theories. Advanced knowledge of student retention studies, academic achievement, student learning and development, collaborative learning and group work, career development, and campus climate issues.
  • A minimum of 5 years of professional experience in working with; African American/Black students in a university setting or equivalent. Advanced knowledge and content expertise of the experiences of African American/Black students in higher education.
  • Advanced expertise in higher education administration policies, and practices with particular emphasis on student service delivery, student leadership development, policy advocacy, and multicultural student development.
  • Advanced expertise in theoretical foundations of multicultural education and/or African American Studies and how this knowledge translates in the practice of developing programs that lead to African American/Black student academic and social success on a college campus
  • Advanced expertise in methodologies used to enhance student curricular and co-curricular success, such as collaborative teaching/learning models, strategies for effective counseling and peer mentoring, small group facilitation and training, coaching, mentoring, and advocacy. Track record of innovation and resourcefulness in addressing students’ needs.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in establishing and implementing short- and long-term program goals and objectives; administering enrichment programs/projects; conducting seminars, workshops, and teaching courses.
  • Advanced experience and knowledge of personal and academic crisis intervention; and working with students to assist in clarification of ethics and values.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively across the organization at all levels. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with a broad range of students, faculty, staff, senior administrators, and community leaders. Advanced experience in mediating, managing, and resolving conflicts; facilitating group work; and training students and staff. Experience in building successful collaborative relationships across unit boundaries. Employs open and clear decision-making processes.
  • Demonstrated skills in problem identification, sound judgment, transparent decision-making, critical thinking, and creative problem solving.
  • Advanced experience in managing and analyzing complex organizations. Experience in programmatic budget, resource management and revenue generation: understanding and managing financial, information technology, and space resources.
  • Ability to work in complex, political situations.
  • Excellent organizational skills and demonstrated ability to manage competing time and resource demands.
  • Demonstrated skills to effectively lead, motivate, and influence staff at all levels. Is able to create and implement a comprehensive professional development plan(s) for staff members.
  • Keen sense of organizational acumen: understanding of campus culture, processes, procedures, and how decisions are made.
  • Demonstrated experience in hiring, training, and supervising student and subordinate staff. Familiarity with university human resources policies and practices.
  • Advanced knowledge of university anti-discrimination policies and practices – including formal and informal complaint and dispute resolution procedures, resources for dispute resolution, and work with campus administrators to address and resolve incidents of hate and bias (particularly those that directly involve; African American/Black communities).
  • Expertise in program design and evaluation, report writing,
  • Experience with curriculum design and teaching.
  • Knowledge of University policies and business practices, risk management, and stewardship of university resources. Knowledge of student and personnel privacy laws and policies such as FERPA, HIPPA, etc.


  • Masters degree and/or equivalent experience/training

Preferred Qualifications

  • Doctorate degree in related area and/or equivalent experience/training

Salary & Benefits
The annual salary range for this position is $77,300 – $90,000.

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