Racial Slurs on a Car Near Kansas State University Were a Hoax

Racial slurs and derogatory comments were found scrawled on a car near the campus of Kansas State University. In addition to racial slurs, the phrases “go home,” “date your own kind,” Whites only,” and “die” were written on the car.

Dauntarius Williams, the owner of the car told the Kansas City Star that he did not feel safe, withdrew from the university, and returned to his home in California. However, the university reported that no one of that name was enrolled at the university or had been enrolled at the university.

Richard Meyers, president of Kansas State University, stated that “the racist messages found on a car parked off-campus are a direct attack on the values of our community. Those who wish us harm should not be allowed to create a culture of fear and divisiveness.”

It turns out Williams was not a student and had written the slurs on his own car.



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  1. El Darden says:

    We already have racial problems aplenty without some folks going around trying to stir up more. Geez!

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