Eastern University — Director of Faculty Advancement

The Director of Faculty Advancement ensures continuous advancement in faculty satisfaction, teaching, training, scholarship, service, collegiality and spiritual formation. The Director reports to the Dean of the College of Education and is a member of the Academic Collegium. As a collaborative team member, the Director provides leadership in faculty advancement by casting a vision for academic culture and by designing, implementing and assessing the University’s comprehensive faculty advancement program. The Director also advises the Academic Collegium on best practices for Faculty advancement and assessment, provides guidance for faculty in the promotion and tenure process, and manages the University’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL, called “Chalk & Table”). Through this last Office, the Director serves a key role in supporting and advancing the University’s online academic programs.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Provides visionary leadership and direction for faculty excellence in collaboration with Eastern University’s College of Education and its Faculty Development Committee.
  2. Promotes effective and innovative pedagogy, teaching excellence and assistance in instructional design and delivery.
  3. Leads the University faculty in a continuing process of improvement in teaching, learning, scholarship, and service.
  4. Supervises EU’s CTL, Chalk & Table, including its goals to deliver high-impact practices and emerging learning technologies for online education and LMS (BrightSpace) support.
  5. Designs, implements and assesses programs for faculty advancement in all of Eastern University’s colleges.
  6. Works with Deans and Chairs/Directors to identify faculty training/performance needs and recommends support and improvement strategies to the academic administration.
  7. Supports the formative and summative review process of faculty members by assisting with the development of tenure/promotion portfolios, including enhancing teaching effectiveness.
  8. Manages CTL communication with the faculty and university community.
  9. Manages faculty-based mentor support for teaching and scholarship.
  10. Advances the diversity of the faculty.
  11. Serves as chair of the University’s Faculty Development (Advancement) Committee.
  12. Supervises the University’s faculty onboarding program, including the New Faculty Orientation, New Faculty Collegium, and New Faculty Seminar.
  13. Writes successful grant applications to fund the University’s faculty development initiatives.
  14. Promotes faculty excellence through marketing and communication to internal and external sources.

Other Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinates recognition for and celebration of faculty success in teaching, service and scholarship.
  2. Teaches at least two University courses each academic year, preferably one each in our traditional and non-traditional rograms (negotiable according to responsibilities).
  3. Pursues scholarship in area of academic expertise.
  4. Other duties as assigned.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Represents the university and maintains a professional and active relationship with students, faculty, staff and other University constituencies.
  2. Embodies Christ-centered values of caring and compassion, justice and integrity, competence and affirmation.
  3. Treats each member of the University community with fairness, dignity and respect seeking a spirit of unity and harmony as we together pursue our common mission.
  4. Demonstrate personal Christian faith and an affirmation of the EU Faith Statement.
  5. Evidence of personal and professional integrity and character.
  6. Demonstrate commitment to the student-focused and value-centered characteristics of the university as articulated in the EU Mission, Vision and Core Commitments.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Earned doctorate in an appropriate field.
  2. Significant experience as teaching faculty in a University setting.
  3. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  4. Strong strategic and tactical aptitudes.
  5. Strong relational skills and emotional intelligence, with ability to work in a collaborative, team- oriented context.
  6. Ability to provide administrative guidance within area of responsibility, providing direct training and supervision as needed.
  7. Strong aptitude in computer and software technology.
  8. Expertise in the theory and practice of teaching and learning in both traditional undergraduate/graduate and adult learner environments.
  9. Expertise and knowledge of resources and networks for faculty development.
  10. Competence in instructional design and technology.
  11. Commitment to continued personal professional development.
  12. Existing or potential competence in grant writing.

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