Harvard University — Assistant Director, Harvard College Fund Parent Engagement Programs


This full-time exempt position, reporting to the Director of the Harvard College Fund Parent Engagement Programs, is primarily responsible for managing annual volunteer activity of Harvard College parents at and above the Associates level ($1,000+). He/she is responsible for volunteer recruitment (which may encompass a four or five figure gift solicitation), training, and oversight of the solicitation activities of the Harvard College Fund Parents Committee’s very large and active Associates and Leadership Gifts sub-committees. The Assistant Director informs the programmatic aspects of a number of events for parent prospects and donors. He/she also manages the data used to guide and track the program’s fundraising effort. This position requires a command of basic fundraising principles, a high level of organization, professionalism, and a broad familiarity with the objectives of both annual and capital fundraising. Strong written and oral communication skills are mandatory for this role.


  1. Identify, recruit, train, and oversee the peer-to-peer solicitation activity of the Harvard College Fund Parents Committee’s Associates and Leadership Gifts sub-committees. Maintain frequent communication with the members of these committees and serve as a primary point of contact for parent volunteers and donors throughout the year.
  2. Organize and execute a portfolio of regional engagement and development events throughout the year.
  3. Maintain a complex set of data used to manage a large and dynamic prospect base. Track and analyze the progress of committee solicitations as well as the program’s overall fundraising effort throughout the year.
  4. Draft a wide range of written communications for internal and external audiences including committee updates, event briefings, personal outreach to volunteers and prospects, and contact reports.
  5. Responsible for meeting with parents and soliciting gifts at the four or five figure level as part of volunteer recruitment and support efforts.
  6. Works collaboratively with FAS development colleagues to create and implement comprehensive solicitation strategies for all Harvard College parent prospects.
  7. Continuously improve the overall Harvard College Fund Parents Committee volunteer program by evaluating and measuring its success as well as search for areas of opportunity and growth.
  8. Partner with the Director in the strategic collaboration with AA&D Communications and the Direct Marketing team on the creation, implementation, and management of collateral materials and web presence.

Attend AA&D, FAS Development, HCF all-staff, officer, and Reunion and Annual Campaigns group meetings, as well as possible outside development webcasts and programs.

Supervises a full-time staff assistant, who dually reports to the Director.

Travels on average once a month to conduct in-person visits and staff events. Some evening work required.

The above covers the most significant responsibilities of the position. It does not, however, exclude other duties, the inclusion of which would be in the conformity with the level of the position.

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