Columbia University — Associate Director

Reporting to the Associate Vice President for Planning, Analysis and Curricular Coordination, the incumbent is responsible for data analysis and reporting to support academic planning in Arts and Sciences.


  1. Collect, maintain, analyze, report, and disseminate institutional data to support transparent, evidence-based planning and decision-making for Arts and Sciences.
  2. Assist the AVP in maintaining and gathering institutional data.
  3. Support the work of the faculty governance committees in the Arts and Sciences including the Policy and Planning Committee (PPC), the Educational Policy and Planning Committee (EPPC), and related subcommittees, particularly in relation to data needs.
  4. Provide requested reports and analysis including data regarding: faculty and instructor counts, demographics, and salaries; class enrollments; and student program declarations and degrees conferred.
  5. Produce yearly Department Profile reports including faculty counts, student programs declared, degrees conferred, course enrollment by offering unit and department of faculty appointment as well other related measures for each of the twenty seven departments in Arts and Sciences (as well as institutes or centers as needed, such as for undergoing ARC review).
  6. Conduct quantitative and qualitative research; oversee survey needs for Arts and Sciences, including survey design, testing, distribution, monitoring/trouble-shooting user experiences, data collection, data analysis, and presentation of findings.
  7. Prepare research report findings in narrative and graphic formats; assist with circulating findings in written or oral presentations.
  8. Work closely with the departments, institutes, centers, and schools of Arts and Sciences and with OPIR, SEAS, Barnard, CUIT/EBIS, and the Registrar’s Office as related to data needs.
  9. Serve as a resource to faculty and staff requiring institutional research assistance for ad hoc projects, particularly those requiring data support.
  10. Other duties as assigned

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