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The Pew Research Center Releases New Study of Race Relations in the United States

pew-thumbA new survey from the Pew Research Center finds widely different views between Blacks and Whites on issues dealing with race. Among the findings are:

  • Nearly 40 percent of White American say that the country has made the changes necessary to give Blacks equal rights. Only 8 percent of African Americans agree.
  • Slightly more than one fifth of Whites believe Blacks are treated less fairly than Whites in the workplace. Nearly two thirds of Blacks believe they are treated unfairly at work.
  • Nearly half of all White Americans say race relations in this country are good. Only a third of African Americans agree.
  • One third of all White Americans say President Obama has made race relations worse. Only 5 percent of African Americans agree.
  • Some 70 percent of African American say that racial discrimination is a major reason why Blacks have a harder time getting ahead than Whites. Only 36 percent of Whites see racial discrimination as a major contributing factor of economic inequality.
  • More than 80 percent of Blacks who have attended college say that they personally have been discriminated against due to their race. Less than 60 percent of Blacks who have not enrolled in college say they personally have faced racial discrimination.
  • One in six African Americans report that they have been unfairly stopped by police. Only 3 percent of Whites stated that they were unfairly stopped by police.

The study, “On Views of Race and Inequality, Blacks and Whites Are Worlds Apart,” can be found here.

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