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Image of President Obama in a Noose Appears on Board Member’s Web Page

Logo-News-FrontGeorge “Sonny” Yellott, a 76-year-old member of the board of directors of Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon, was asked by fellow members of the board to resign after an image of President Obama with a noose around his neck was seen on Yellott’s Facebook page. The image had the caption: “The making of a national holiday.”

Yellott, who is also a Republican candidate for the Oregon House of Representatives, refused to resign. Several GOP members of the Oregon House of Representatives also called for Yellott to drop out of the legislative race.

Mt. Hood Community College, just east of Portland, enrolls about 9,300 students. African Americans are 5 percent of the student body.


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  1. That 5% of Black students need to launch a petition of protest!! says:

    That 5% of Black students and whoever will join then, need to start a petition of protest . He must resign from his board position and drop out of the race for Oregon House of Representatives.

    • John D. Walsh says:

      We may not like what he posted on his facebook page and yes it’s offensive but its his 2nd amendment right to do

      • robert osborne says:

        Yes. we still have freedom of speech. This is America isn’t it? You can make unpopular jokes or statements anytime you like but increasingly the freedom to speak and keep your job while doing that is in jeopardy. It’s come down to this. Speak or eat. What a great slogan for the toleration crowd.

  2. Lindsay Dunn says:

    Those who are using the 2nd amendment in support of a Republican racist, are you truly suggesting that racism is protected under the 2nd Amendment? Stating that Obama is a jerk or was a terrible president is one thing but I cannot imagine it being okay to say that the 2nd Amendment permits me to post a picture of a Jewish child burning in a gas chamber. And go on and vote for such a person in an election for public office. What kind of a human being would defend such an act? Are we not better than that?

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