Examining Faculty Diversity at the University of Southern California

gateway-usc-shield-name-blackThe University of Southern California in Los Angeles recently released a comprehensive statistical report on the diversity of its faculty. The data shows a total of 3,614 faculty members at the university. Of these, 108, or 3 percent are Black.

Nearly 64 percent of all Black faculty at the university are on the Research, Teaching, Practice, and Clinical (RTPC) track. These are not tenure-track positions. Blacks are 2.3 percent of 1,161 tenured faculty members and 4.2 percent of the faculty in tenure-track positions.

There are significant differences in Black faculty levels across disciplines. Blacks are 5.3 percent of all faculty members in the social sciences, but only 1.7 percent of the faculty in the life and natural sciences. There are only two tenured Black faculty members in the life and natural sciences. Blacks are 3.4 percent of all humanities faculty and 2.5 percent of the faculty at the medical school. There are three Blacks among the 251 tenured faculty members at the medical school.

Blacks are 4.3 percent of the undergraduate students and 5.8 percent of the graduate students at the university.


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