Laboratory Used by Edward Bouchet Designated a Historic Site by the American Physical Society

Bouchet-Sloane-CCThe American Physical Society, which represents more than 50,000 physicists, has designed the original Sloane Laboratory, now the site of Jonathan Edwards College on the campus of Yale University as the 37th historic site designating special places in the history of physics.

Bouchet-Sloane-CCThe Sloan Laboratory was chosen for this designation because it is where Edward A. Bouchet (1852-1918) conducted most of his research. Dr. Bouchet graduated from Yale College in 1874. He went on to be the first African American to earn a doctorate from an American university when he received a Ph.D. in physics at Yale University in 1876.

Jack Harris, associate professor of physics at Yale, said that “the fact that Edward Bouchet was here is a major piece of history for Yale and for the department of physics. It’s one of the great historic events in this department.”


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  1. Dr. Hakim Shahid says:

    Dr. Bouchet is a hero and pioneer who should be known to all people of color with terminal degrees. When I taught science in the secondary classroom, I would make sure that all my students were aware of the accomplishments of this great scientist.

  2. Dr. Malcolm B. Butler says:

    When I first heard about Dr. Bouchet in high school, his story further inspired me to pursue a physics degree in college. I carry a small piece of him with me everywhere I go.

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