Fairfield University Students Hold a “Ghetto-Themed” Party

FairfieldStudents from Fairfield University in Connecticut held an off-campus “ghetto-themed” party. Photos posted on the internet showed students wearing baggy clothes, gold chains, and fake baby bumps while drinking 40-ounce beers. Published reports said that some students wore blackface to the party but the university was unable to verify the claim.

In a statement, Jeffrey P. von Arx said that “perpetuated racial stereotypes have no place in our community and only serve to offend and devalue people.”

In an official statement, the university stated  “We expect that our students, faculty and staff maintain the highest level of respect for one another. We will be investigating this matter immediately, and will take appropriate actions as soon as the facts have been determined.”

According to the latest U.S. Department of Education data, Fairfield University enrolls nearly 4,000 undergraduate students and 1,100 graduate students. African Americans are only 2 percent of the undergraduate student body.


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  1. Willing and able says:

    Let us continue to document and post (hopefully, someone is studying) these blatant racist acts because racism is Far from being over. I say document and post because the Millennial generation doesn’t believe an event occurred Unless they observe it on a social media outlet.
    Perhaps, it will be viewed as we lived it. Real and Relevant. A worthy opponent and adversary to continue to be pursued.
    *worthy=It is worth your effort.
    Yours in the struggle,
    Dr. Willing and Able

  2. John Mims says:

    Sadly, these types of functions have been happening on White campuses as long as there have been colleges. Every now and then, they get “exposed”. I’ve experienced such behavior during the 60s. until the 2000’s. One or two per year get exposed. Several others keep “hidden”. The beat continues, unfortunately.

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