South Carolina State University Student: “An Angel Sent From God”

owensReggie Owens, a student and football player at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, was traveling home to visit his family in Savannah, Georgia. A drunk driver ran a red light and plowed into another vehicle right in front of the car Owens was driving.

Owens quickly surveyed the scene. He saw one child lying on the ground directly behind the car that had been struck and that car began to roll backwards. Owens quickly pulled the child out of harm’s way. He then saw a second child who was bleeding. While attending to the second youngster, Owens saw a third child in the middle of the road who was the most severely injured. He ran to that child, who is two years old, and applied pressure to stop the bleeding from the child’s wounds. Authorities later said that had Owens not taken steps to stop the bleeding the youngest child would have died.

The mother of the three children said that Owens was an angel sent from God. Owens was able to visit the three children in the hospital.


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