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Black Students Called “Apes” During a Protest March at the University of Washington

UniversityWashBlack students at the University of Washington allege that members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity made obscene gestures and referred to Black students participating in a Black Lives Matter protest as “apes.” The fraternity is the same one that was closed at the University of Oklahoma after a video showed members singing a racist song.

One Black student said he heard several racial slurs as he marched past the fraternity house during the protest. The chapter president of the fraternity said he heard the racist comments but claimed they were not made by members of the fraternity.


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  1. Michael says:

    The alleged behavior of those White students at the University of Washington is not surprising in any capacity even in 2015. For the Black students attending the University of Washington (or any other HWCU for that matter) who feel insulted, need to realize this is what happens when you have been socially engineered to believe in multiculturalism from K-12. As a result, too many Black students have been ill-prepared for the realities in under the guise of American racism as exhibited at the University of Washington along with other HWCUs.

    More specifically, Blacks from the middle and upper SES ranks have the tendency to teach their children that “everyone’s equal”, perform well in school, and then you’ll be treated equally(really). When these same Black students have their first encounter with racism while attending an HWCU, many are convincingly shocked and in many cases, hurt and disappointed. Until Black parents(regardless of their SES), adequately inform their Black children about the realities of being Black in American, they will continue to be cannon fodder for American racism.

    • Ronald B. Saunders says:

      Very well stated Michael, I could haven’t stated it any better. Indeed Black parents do their students a disservice in not properly preparing their children with the right coping skills in dealing with white individual racism and white systemic racism while urging their children to attend these second rate HWCU’s. What have any of these integration mad Negro parents learned about the true nature of western white racism in the last 50 years? It makes you wonder where they have been!

    • Katie says:

      Yes, this is clearly a problem caused by black parents. Also we should tell our daughters to expect to be raped. Then we can solve everything.

    • Ray says:

      Michael – I understand the majority of your statement. However, again the blame and responsibility to change is placed soley on African-Americans. We’re supposed to forgive our oppressors, let slavery go, AND prepare our children for the harsh realities of living in a country that privileges one group people over others solely because of the color of the skin. How about we teach ALL children (especially White children) that all races are equal. How about White Americans stop pretending to like/value African-Americans in public but teach their children to fear and hate in private. Until then I refuse to ACCEPT privledged White Americans taking away my privilege as a human no matter the amount of melanin in my skin. Until then, there will never be peace between the races.

    • Michael says:

      I completely agree with your post. I work at a PWI and see how the Black students react when something racist happens on campus. You can see that they are/were truly not prepared to deal with things as they really are. Students don’t have filters any longer and feel like they can say/do what they want and because we have become a society that appears to accept everything and label it “freedom of expression”, we never address the fact that the folks who are committing these acts, will never face true consequences. Just my two cents.

  2. Michael says:

    We have entirely too many so-called Blacks expending significant amount of their time, fiscal and material resources attempting to “out Europeanize, Europeans” in 2015. The fact remain that you can never escape your Black Africanity regardless of your SES, where you obtained your degree, or even if you married a non-native born Black. It’s ok to be Black and have undying love your Black people similarly as other ethnic groups.

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