University of Liberia Maintains Rigid Admission Standards

Liberia_flag_SMIn 2013, about 25,000 students took the entrance examination to qualify for admission to the University of Liberia in West Africa. None of the students passed the examination. Some 308 students reached the required threshold on the mathematics section but none of those students also reached the threshold on the English section.

The university later admitted, on a provisional basis, 1,600 students who scored the highest on the entrance examination. These students were required to take remedial mathematics and English courses in order to meet the regular admission standards.

According to the university, the entrance examination predicts the probability of a student’s success in completing the university course of study. The university states that it does not want to admit students who are destined to fail.

This year, approximately 13,000 students took the entrance examination. Fifteen passed the test. Once again, it is expected that a large group of students will be admitted on a provisional basis and be required to take mathematics and English courses to prepare them for college-level study.


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  1. Wayne says:

    I suppose these African countries are poor for a reason. How could you have a entrance exam where only .001% of the takers achieve a passing score.

  2. Ed says:

    HBCUs, especially the premier ones, should also have strict standards for admission. Time to raise the bar.

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