Racial Incidents at the University of Massachusetts

umassRacist messages were scrawled on dormitory room doors at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. One of the messages, read “Kill these Niggers!!”

Nearly 200 students attended a meeting at the Student Union building to discuss the incident. Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy attended the meeting. He told the students, “We are doing everything we can to find the perpetrators. I wish I could tell you this will never happen again, but I can’t.”

A student at the meeting told the crowd that she and some friends had been confronted by White man on campus who yelled “White Power!”


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  1. Dr. Carlos Minor says:

    I hope they do address this issue before it gets out of hand. I once worked at a majority institution when the Executive Vice President refused to deal with issues like these stating that some people are raised to be racist and Black people should try and understand that. This needs to end.

    • John Mims says:

      As an “ole timer”, I’m sadden that our generation has not prepared this current generation to understand that the “racist” fight has NEVER stopped. For a few years it slows down but it does not stop. We must continue to prepare the current and future generations of students HOW to combat these outburst. They need to learn that “racism” in America and on university continues to be a long term problem. We musts fight it at all levels. We need to teach our current generation of why these attacks continue and what we may have to do is “fight” these issues for decades to come. From my perspective, this issues has always been with us and it did NOT just “get out of hand”… The struggle continues and we must be prepared to combat this ignorance.

  2. William Malan says:

    A couple college students do stupid things and it is an outrage. Did you hear about the five year old white girl who died in her grandfathers lap in Milwaukee? They lived in a >70% black neighborhoo and some brothers walked up and started blasting away at the house, hitting her in the head and killing her instantly. No arrests.

    • Michael says:

      Mr. Malan;

      I find it rather disingenuous for you to compare these issues because they’re totally separate issues. It’s very unfortunate that an innocent girl(by the way, her race or ethnicity shouldn’t matter) lost her life by the actions of some “brothers”. As you can agree, we certainly hope the appropriate authorities eventually locate those individuals involved with this heinous crime.

      Moving forward, the actions of the racist White students at UMass should be dealt with both quickly and severely via the university administration. Mr. Malan, were you as equally outraged of these racist White students behavior? If not, I would suggest that you need to reevaluate your questionable anger metrics.

    • William would you not think that college students would be more aware of right and wrong. Not all black neighborhoods are as you say <70% are murders just as not all white neighborhoods have no murders.

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