Racist Posters Appear on the Campus of York University in Toronto

yorklogoRacist posters were placed in many spots on the campus of York University in Toronto. The posters showed photographs of York students in the 1960s. All of the students in the photographs are white and the posters claim that in the 1960s the “student population was 100 per cent White.”

Below the 1960s photographs was a more recent photo showing a diverse group of students at the university. The caption reads, “Soon Whites will be the minority.”

A student leader at York University told the Canadian Broadcasting Company that the student union “is extremely appalled and disgusted by the fliers that are going around. It’s quite frankly pathetic that something of this caliber is going on in our communities in 2014.”


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  1. William Tatum says:

    Abraham Lincoln spoke to the cancer of racism existing in America during his time.
    His metaphor of a snake being in the bed of the children in the slave states with the
    comment if attempts are made to kill them; the children would be harmed. Lincoln
    did not want the snake to be in the beds of the children in the new territories. Snake
    then is a symbol for complete evil. Embedded malignant racism for more than 400
    years in the Americas cannot be overthrown in a short period of time. Those infected
    display learned behavior. White like pink, green, black, orange is a color not a race!!!
    Imagine following a book on the races published in 1795. Arrival in the Caucaucus
    mountains all were people of color. White is not a race but a color. When this is
    accepted, racism will diminish not only in Canada but the entire world i. e. placed
    there a very long time ago.

    William Tatum – Historian

  2. Reginald Kenneth Mathes says:

    I assume that the individuals who posted the photos would prefer the original structure of predominantly White institutions. Research suggest that the original establishment of these institutions were established to perpetuate the inferiority of Blacks and men and women of color. It’s a shame that in 2014 the White Power structure has not recognized the contributions that African-Americans have contributed to American society. However, CRT contends that racism is normal. Honestly, when studying CRT it was difficult to believe racism is normal Well, I’m going to take a step further. I contend that racism is natural within White America. Maybe, White America is still fearing White genetic annihilation.

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