White Professor Sues Alabama State University for Race Discrimination

asusealA White professor has filed a race discrimination lawsuit against historically Black Alabama State University in Montgomery. The professor claims that many White applicants were not seriously considered for employment because of their race and that faculty members and administrators had remarked that only African Americans were “suited” to teach at HBCUs.

According to the lawsuit, when the White professor complained about these alleged discriminatory practices, he was subjected to retaliation by being demoted to a lower-paying job and placed in an office with no working computer, mail service, copying privileges, bookshelves or file cabinets.


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  1. Mary S. Northington says:

    If the trials and tribulations once visited on blacks only are now being experienced by whites, so be it. Consider the reasons why HBCU’s were established in the first place. Yes, blacks are best suited to teach in them. Considering that blacks in white academia continue to struggle against the tide of continuing white racism with no relief, if this white professor succeeds in his suit we are reminded that oppression even dominates the “hallowed and once exclusive halls of ivy.” HBCU’s have always been open to everyone. Inasmuch as countless unseen blacks in similar situations in white academia have lost discrimination suits, or have recognized such suits to be hopeless, thus being bereft of justice, we know that the law continues to be just another tool for white domination and oppression. Did this professor get rebuffed by the EEO officer, too, as are many blacks ?

  2. Michael says:

    Re: Mary S. Northington;

    I am very pleased to see another rationale thinking person posting a comment that wholeheartedly and emphatically defend the vested interests of HBCUs in 2014. I find it utterly amazing that in 2014 we have White professors (and other non-Blacks) espousing the mere idea that HBCUs are discriminating against them regarding the employment decisions HR personnel and Departments make. For those who believe they have been the recipient of disparate treatment at an HBCUs, I would suggest that you focus on your brethren Historically White Colleges and Universities (HWCUs) protest about the historical and current employment discrimination highly qualified native born Blacks experience incessantly.

    Further, HBCUs have always had White faculty since their creation and particularly for Jewish professors who were denied the opportunity to teach at HWCUs. For example, where do you think prolific professor and linguist Dr. Howard Zinn received his start in academe, it’s called Spelman College. The fact remains that HBCUs were specifically created for the education of native born Black (former African slaves, Colored, Negro) Americans and should always remain overwhelmingly native born Black in the same vein HWCUs will remain overwhelmingly White. In other words, the false concept called “post racial” along with inverted multiculturalism will not used as conduit to disrupt the intellectual and cultural integrity of HBCUs.

    For those who disagree, I am most confident those same so-called neoliberal and moderate White professors do not reside in the same area as you the majority of the Black professors similarly.

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