Racial Incident at Saint Louis University

SLU LogoSomeone accessed the computer that controlled a projector at the Busch Student Center on the campus of Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri. The projector casts an image on a large screen at the center. The perpetrators changed the text on the large screen to read: “Nazis rule fucking niggers and fags.” A week earlier, tealight candles were found outside a campus building arranged to configure a swastika.

In response, the Black Student Union on campus demanded that the university take steps to increase the number of Black students and Black faculty on campus and to require all students to take courses that deal in some way with “minority, marginalized, and/or disenfranchised” populations.

Interim President William Kauffman stated, “These are issues facing every college and university in this country. Given our mission and values, we must and will do everything we can to foster the most inclusive campus possible for every member of our community.”

Blacks make up about 7 percent of the student body at the university.


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  1. James Dempsey says:

    Unfortunately St. Louis Universityhigh school has a history of racism It did not just start here. So if you fiqure the students enter the University from high school with the same racial and bias ideas and are never checked then what do you think will happen ?
    My experience was in the 1970 or so when we tried to enroll my black son into St. Louis University High School. and was told by one of the high and mighty Jesuits that he did not think St. Louis University High school was the school for him. He suggested that I try De Andreas High School which was in my neighborhood. We enrolled my son in DeSmet High School where received his masters degree and played football for DeSmet.
    If he qualified for DeSmet he qualified for St. Louis University High School. It is a shame and a disgrace that a religious order would allow this issue to still be so prevelant in todays world. They can come up with every excuse in the book but doing what is just and right. God sees all of this and they alone have to atone for their sins of injustice. God made man there is no skin color that divides us from one another other then what we as humans have done to each other to bring about this division and hate. These schools and churches know what they are doing yet they continue to tiptoe around the issue of race. Until they begin to realize the full damage they are doing there will be no change. How do you change that which you do not wish to acknowledge

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