Academic Disciplines Where African Americans Earned No Doctoral Degrees in 2012

nsf1According to data from the National Science Foundation, in 2012, 1,605 doctoral degrees were awarded in the fields of animal breeding, zoology, astronomy, astrophysics, robotics, paleontology, geometrylgeometric analysis, number theory, medical physics, particle physics, plasma/fusion physics, structural engineering, German, Spanish, Asian history, Middle Eastern studies, archaeology, and music theory and composition.

None of these 1,605 doctoral degrees in these fields was awarded to an African American.


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  1. William Sankey says:

    Misleading article. Program titles vary from one university to the next. However the knowledge and research content are similar. It not clear adjustments were made for the variance equals.

    • Editor says:

      We agree that program titles vary from university an other. But JBHE is simply reporting data collected by the National Science Foundation.

      • Jordan Smith says:

        I agree with William and it would be helpful if that caveat were included in the original. It’s important that we in higher ed know which of these should be true top priorities and which may actually have slightly better representation than 0. I want to myself offer the caveats that I’m not directing the latter statement at JBHE and that underrepresentation is still of course a problem. But offering even the one note about disciplines would make sure that the facts remain as crystal clear as possible.

  2. Dr. Lydia. Patton says:

    The reality is not in titles it is how African youth are not taking the courses to prepare then to pursue the said degrees. I am traveling internationally to find diverse culture students for scholarships. In the Caribbean the science and mathematics level of secondary students far surpasses American students, I won’t mention the students in Africa. Until we refocus the attention of African students on the importance of education and excelllence in math and science, then we will continue not being represented. The time for excuses is over.

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