Princeton Looks to Enhance Campus Diversity

princeton-university-logoA report issued earlier this month by the Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity at Princeton University stated, “At its current pace, the diversification of the University’s graduate, postdoctoral, faculty, and senior administrative populations will continue to fall behind the demographic shifts that are reshaping the United States. Princeton must not let this happen. It needs to make substantive changes to its culture and structure if it hopes to remain a great American and global university, where the most gifted and promising individuals from every segment of society feel welcome and thrive.”

The board of trustees of Princeton University has endorsed the findings of the report and approved a new plan to increase diversity throughout the campus community. The new plan will focus on diversity initiatives relating to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and senior administrators.

Under the plan the central administration will provide support for departmental efforts to increase diversity. And the administration will track departmental efforts and provide regular progress reports to the university community.

Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber stated, “”Princetonians have powerful reasons to care deeply about the diversity of the University community. Only by drawing the best talent from every sector of society can we achieve the scholarly and educational excellence to which we aspire. Only by integrating multiple, divergent perspectives into our discussions can we realize a fully vibrant intellectual and residential life.”


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