Black Enrollments in Higher Education Expected to Continue to Grow

New ddepartment-of-educationata from the U.S. Department of Education estimates that the enrollments of African Americans in higher education will increase by 25 percent by the year 2021. The number of white students enrolled in higher education is expected to increase by only 4 percent.

Hispanics are expected to see the largest increase with an expected gain of 42 percent by 2021.

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  1. this is wonderful news!

  2. In response to the statistical data presented in this article: Black Enrollments in Higher Education Expected to Continue to Grow. Yet, as a current doctoral candidate Ed.D. Executive Leadership, a 62-year-old Black male I must ask; Why are our kids getting dumber? Miseducation runs rampant throughout the various educational systems in this country. Moreover, young Black males are being “steered” toward the prisons at an alarming rate.
    The education system has been broken for a while! One final point, there’s something very wrong with a system like the one I’m in. I pay out of pocket $2043.00 a month for 28 months. My mortgage and maintenance on my home is only $1600.00 a month UM!

    Yours in the struggle!

    A concerned brother

    • william f collins says:

      Brother, I disagree our kids are NOT getting dumber. The point of the article is that the numbers of Black students attending colleges/universities is expected to increase by 25%. The problem still resides in what has become the increasing divide between Black young folks who will continue to advance and those Black young folks who will continue to be on the wrong side of the educational, legal, and economic divide

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