Report Finds Black Youth Are Exposed to More Alcohol Advertising Than Other Young Americans

A new report published by the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, finds that Black youths are exposed to more alcohol-related advertising than other young Americans. Researchers say that Black youths watch significantly more television than other young Americans where they are exposed to alcohol advertising. Also magazines that are read by a predominantly Black audience contain large numbers of alcohol-related advertisements. The study found that Black youths see 32 percent more advertisements for alcohol products in magazines and 17 percent more on television than youths in general.

But the researchers also note that in many cases alcohol products appear to be marketed so as to appeal directly to young African Americans. And in many inner city areas, alcohol related advertising frequently appears on billboards, public transportation, signs, bus shelters etc.

The report, “African-American Youth Exposed to More Magazine and Television Alcohol Advertising than Youth in General,” can be downloaded here.


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  1. Sara says:

    We all have tv but it differs from city to city, plus most of the population of black people live in either cities or black communities which could be a whole area; also most black communities are in poor communities and can only afford broadcast television, which is the television that differs from city to city. So one city could get different commercials than another. When they say magazines are made for a race they mean that they are the target audience. And some that a targeted toward blacks are jet , and ebony.

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