Kansas State University Study Looks at the Gender Aspect of Racial Profiling

Jeremy Briggs, a doctoral candidate in sociology at Kansas State University, has conducted a study on racial profiling during traffic stops. From his national database, Briggs found that Black drivers were more than twice as likely as White drivers to be searched or arrested during a traffic stop.

While many studies have shown that Black motorists are more likely than White motorists to be stopped and have their car searched, Briggs’ study also includes data on gender.

His results show that White women stopped by police were the most likely group to be let go with only a warning. Black women were just as likely as White men to be ticketed, arrested, or searched. Black men were 2.5 times as likely as White men to be arrested and twice as likely to be searched.

They study found that the race of the police officer did not have a significant impact on the statistics.


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