Major Fundraising Campaign Aims to Help Low-Income Students at the University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is mounting a new fundraising campaign to support its AccessUVA financial aid program for low-income students. The effort is part of a $3 billion fundraising campaign slated to end in 2011.

AccessUVA has been successful in increasing the number of low-income students on campus. Last year, 877 freshman students qualified for AccessUVA funds. This year, 1,250 freshmen are receiving aid under the AccessUVA program.

As a result, the costs of the AccessUVA program have increased significantly. In 2004, the university’s need-based aid support was $37 million. This year the university expects to issue $73 million in need-based aid for its students, almost double the amount from five years ago.

The new fundraising effort is aimed at providing funds to keep AccessUVA solvent well into the future.