Princeton University to Enhance Its Black Studies Program

Princeton University announced this week a major build up to its already strong black studies program. The new Center for African-American Studies will have the authority to hire the equivalent of six new full-time faculty members. In the past, faculty of the Princeton black studies program held appointments in other academic departments. The new Center’s ability to hire its own faculty dedicated to teaching African-American studies is a major advance for black studies at Princeton. In addition to permanent faculty, a new visiting professors program in blacks studies will bring scholars from around the world to teach at Princeton for a semester or an entire academic year.

The black studies curriculum will also be expanded. It is expected that within a five year period, Princeton undergraduates will be able to major in African-American studies. At the present time only a an interdisciplinary certificate in black studies is offered. This is equivalent to a minor at other universities.

The new center will undoubtedly give a boost to Princeton’s effort to attract more black students.