Racism Results in Conservative Student Group at Oxford Being Stripped of Its Right to Use the University ’s Name

The Oxford University Conservative Association, a student group affiliated with the British Tories, has been stripped of its right to use the university’s name in its title. The decision to deny the group the use of the university’s name was made after it was revealed that at a party this summer, leaders of the group were asked to tell the most offensive joke they had ever heard. The group’s publications officer offered the following riddle: “What do you say when you see a television moving around in the dark?” The punchline: “Drop it nigger, or I’ll shoot you.”

The disaffiliation is not permanent and the group can apply for reinstatement at any time. The president of the association at the time of the incident stated, “I cannot reiterate strongly enough that the Oxford University Conservative Association has no place for racism and abhors and rejects all racial prejudice.”