Blacks Make Up a Tiny Percentage of Applicants to U.S. Veterinary Schools

According to statistics tabulated by the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges, African Americans make up only a tiny percentage of all applicants to the 28 veterinary schools in the United States.

Twenty-five of the nation’s 28 veterinary schools use the AAVMC’s Veterinary Medical College Application Service. Prospective students can file one application and have it sent to any of the participating veterinary colleges. (The veterinary school of historically black Tuskegee University does not participate in this common application service.)

The data for applicants for the 25 schools that participate in the common application service shows that in 2010 there were 113 black applicants to veterinary school. They made up 1.84 percent of all applicants.

The number of black veterinary school applicants dropped in 2010 compared to a year ago. In 2009 there were 135 black applicants, 2.17 percent of all students who applied to veterinary schools.