Tutu Teaching at Sea

Desmond Tutu, archbishop emeritus of the Anglican Church in Cape Town, South Africa, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, is spending the fall semester aboard the MV Explorer, a 590-foot ship that houses the Semester at Sea program. The University of Virginia serves as academic adviser to the Semester at Sea program and appoints the 37-member faculty.

Tutu will spend 100 days aboard ship as it travels from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Europe. It will then head south to Cape Town. The voyage will continue, stopping in India, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Japan, Hawaii, and several other ports before concluding in San Diego in December. There are 604 undergraduate students on the current voyage. More than 60 percent are women. Blacks make up 4.5 percent of the student body on the current voyage.

Tutu will teach a course in global studies during the voyage and serve as host when the ship docks in Cape Town.