United States Trails Most Other Developed Nations in Providing Higher Education Opportunities for Low-Income Students

A new report from The Education Trust, a nonprofit research organization, has found that the United States ranks below most other developed countries in providing higher education for high-achieving low-income students. The report, Promise Abandoned: How Policy Choices and Institutional Practices Restrict College Opportunities, states that low-income students in this country are finding it increasingly difficult to afford college. Data presented in the report shows that only 78 percent of the highest-achieving students from the lowest-income groups go on to college. This is nearly identical to the college enrollment rate for the lowest-achieving students from upper-income families.

The report criticizes colleges and universities for admission and financial aid practices which benefit middle- and upper-income students, leaving less financial aid money for those who really need it. The report also criticizes admissions procedures that offer no incentives for admissions officers to seek out and recruit high-achieving low-income students.

The Education Trust report can be downloaded by clicking here.