In Memoriam

Joseph Cromwell Peters (1925-2006)

Joseph C. Peters, the former chair of the State College System Board of Directors in West Virginia, died late last month in Charleston, West Virginia. Peters, one of the first African Americans to serve in a high government post in West Virginia, was 81 years old.

Peters was a graduate of West Virginia State College and earned an MBA from the University of Wisconsin. He served in several positions in state government until his appointment in 1968 as commissioner on finance and administration, the highest budgetary post in the state government. He later was vice president for business affairs at Marshall University. After serving on the board of the state college system, Peters was named to the board of governors of Glenville State College.

Henry E. Cheaney (1912-2006)

Henry E. Cheaney, a long-time professor of history at Kentucky State University, died late last month at a hospital in Frankfort, Kentucky. He was 94 years old.

Professor Cheaney was one of the foremost authorities on African-American history in the state of Kentucky. He graduated from Kentucky State University in 1936 and was immediately hired by the KSU president to teach English. He remained on the KSU faculty until his retirement in 1982. In addition to teaching English and history, Cheaney served as coach of the college debate team and the college boxing team.

Cheaney held a master’s degree in history from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in history from the University of Chicago.