Ten African-American Accounting Students Win Doctoral Fellowships

The KPMG Foundation has announced that 10 African Americans are among the 11 first-year doctoral students who will receive $10,000 as part of KPMG’s Minority Accounting Scholarship program. The scholarships can be renewed for up to five years of doctoral study. All together the foundation awarded $390,000 in Minority Accounting Scholarships this year.

The program, which seeks to increase the number of minority students teaching accounting at U.S. business schools, now offers financial assistance to a large percentage of all minority doctoral candidates in accounting in the United States.

The 10 new African-American scholarship winners are listed below along with the university at which they are studying for their doctorate. Note that six of the 10 students are at historically black universities.

Dereck Barr, University of Mississippi
Cathalene Bowler, Morgan State University
Elicia Cowins, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Paige Gee, Temple University
Aisha Meeks, Jackson State University
Wayne Nelms, Morgan State University
Genese Rogers, Morgan State University
Menghistu Sallehu, Drexel University
John Williams, University of North Texas
Reginald Wilson, Jackson State University