Race Relations on Campus Database

Periodically, JBHE Weekly Bulletin will publish a selection of racial incidents that have occurred on the campuses of colleges and universities. Here are the latest incidents:

A noose was found hanging in a stairwell in an auditorium on the campus of the University of California at San Diego. The campus has been plagued by a series of racial incidents over the past year. (Los Angeles Times, 7-28-10)

A former academic adviser at the University of South Florida in Tampa has filed a race discrimination claim with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Florida Commission on Human Relations. The black woman admits to an NCAA rule violation of providing free textbooks to a non-scholarship athlete. But she says similar and more serious violations by white employees were overlooked. (St. Petersburg Times, 7-30-10)

A former assistant football coach at the University of New Mexico is filing a federal race discrimination lawsuit against the university. The coach claims he was assaulted by the head football coach during an argument. The suit claims that the university would have handled the situation differently if a white coach had been assaulted. (Albuquerque Journal, 7-28-10)

A former administrator at Corning Community College in New York has filed a federal race discrimination lawsuit against the educational institution. According to the suit, the college “created a discriminatory work environment” and “fired employees due to their race, ethnicity, or gender.” The plaintiff, who is a black man, claims that whites hired by the college are not subjected to the same scrutiny as minority candidates.

Blacks make up about 3 percent of the 5,700-member student body at the college. (Elmira Star-Gazette, 8-7-10)