Nationwide Survey Shows Black Faculty Are Less Satisfied With Their Jobs Than White Faculty

A new study by researchers at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education has found that black and other minority faculty members in American higher education are less satisfied with their careers than are white faculty members.

The study surveyed 6,773 tenure-track faculty members at 77 four-year colleges and universities. Respondents were asked to rate their experiences by answering a long list of questions on a scale from 1 to 5. A response of 5 meant the respondent strongly agreed with the statement whereas a response of 1 showed strong disagreement with the statement.

Blacks and other minority faculty members showed less agreement with the following statements than their white counterparts:

• My department treats junior faculty fairly.
• I have opportunities to collaborate with senior faculty.
• I fit well in the department.
• I’m satisfied with my department.
• I’m satisfied with my institution.
• I’d accept my current position again.