Graduates of Howard University Earn Higher Starting Salaries Than Graduates of Any Other Black College or University

The company PayScale Inc., which is headquartered in Seattle, maintains the world’s largest database of employer compensation and employee salary profiles.

The company’s data shows that graduates of Loma Linda University in Los Angeles earn the highest starting salaries of any undergraduate college or university in the nation. Graduates of the university have an average starting salary of $71,400. MIT ranks second with graduates earning an average starting salary of $71,100. Other colleges and universities in the top 10 are Harvey Mudd College, CalTech, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Princeton, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Rose-Hulman Institute.

Among the nation’s historically black colleges and universities, Howard University graduates have the highest average starting salary. Howard University graduates have an average starting salary of $50,300. Howard ranked 100th on the list of colleges and universities with the highest starting salaries. It ranked just ahead of Penn State, Northwestern, and the University of Texas.

Among the black colleges, the lowest average starting salary was for graduates of North Carolina Central University in Durham. Graduates of NCCU had an average starting salary of $35,600.