In Memoriam

Devin Thomas Gaines (1985-2007)

Devin T. Gaines, a young man who had just graduated this spring from the University of Connecticut, drowned while swimming late at night in an abandoned quarry in Deep River, Connecticut. He was 22 years old.

Gaines graduated with degrees in five different majors. He is believed to be the only student in the university’s history to major in five subjects. His majors were computer science and engineering, cognitive science, linguistics, theater studies, and an interdisciplinary program which he designed in cinema, culture, and cognition. Gaines is reported to have taken more than 100 courses and graduated with a 3.2 grade point average. He earned more than twice the credits needed to meet graduation requirements.

Gaines lived in Stamford, Connecticut, with his mother. His father died when he was 12. He had planned to begin study for a master’s degree in educational communication in technology this fall at New York University. He hoped to make teaching a career.