Higher Admission Standards at the University of Nevada Lead to a Drop in Minority Student Enrollments

A new report prepared for the board of regents of the University of Nevada documents that significant decreases in minority enrollments occurred after admissions standards were raised in 2006. That year the minimum high school grade point average required for admission to the University of Nevada was raised from 2.5 to 2.75.

The statistics show that, under the new standards, black student enrollments dropped by 22 percent at the Las Vegas campus. Blacks are 8 percent of the total enrollments on the Las Vegas campus. There were also declines in the enrollment of other minorities.

At the Reno campus, Hispanic enrollments decreased, but there was an increase in African-American enrollments. Blacks make up only 3 percent of the total enrollments at the Reno campus.

The news of minority enrollment declines is of particular concern because this year the admissions standards will be made even more restrictive. From now on, students will be required to have earned a 3.0 grade point average in high school in order to qualify for admission to the University of Nevada.