A Mentor for Black Ph.D. Students

Samuel Jones grew up in public housing projects in Birmingham. He failed and had to repeat the fourth grade. He managed to complete high school and, after moving to California, put himself through college. Today he holds a Ph.D. in psychology. Throughout his tenure in higher education, Jones never had a black professor. Today, in an effort to increase the number of blacks seeking careers in the academic world, Jones counsels young blacks on navigating the world of graduate education.

Jones conducts three-hour workshops at colleges and universities throughout the nation counseling black students who are considering graduate education. He offers advice on how to choose an adviser and a dissertation topic. He offers tips on how students can prepare for the mental challenges of graduate education. He advises students on common mistakes graduate students make and gives a plan they can follow to achieve success.

Dr. Jones has recently conducted his workshop at North Carolina A&T State University, Westminster College, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Arkansas State University.