Black Colleges Look to Help Employees Deal With the High Price of Gasoline

With gasoline prices now more than $4 a gallon nationwide, many businesses across the United States are taking steps to help their employees cope with rising energy prices. For example, telecommuting is becoming an attractive alternative for many workers.

Black colleges and universities are also trying to help their employees. Miles College in Alabama will institute a four-day work week this fall for students, faculty, and administrators to help them reduce their commuting costs.

At Hampton University in Virginia, class schedules are being reduced from five days to four. In addition, the university is offering $25 gas cards to about 500 employees for each of the three months during its summer session. The total cost to the university is $37,500. To be eligible for the cards, the employees must have a salary of under $30,000. So most recipients of the cards will be clerical, maintenance, and support staff.