Law School at Historically Black Florida A&M University Appears on the Verge of Winning Full Accreditation

The law school at Florida A&M University has had provisional accreditation since 2004. In October 2007 inspectors from the American Bar Association issued a negative opinion on the law school. The ABA inspectors warned that the law school had a “steep mountain to climb” in order to win full accreditation in 2009.

LeRoy Pernell was hired as dean of the law school to right the ship, and apparently he has done so. The accreditation committee of the American Bar Association has recommended to the full membership that the FAMU law school be fully accredited. A vote of the delegates to the ABA convention will be held in the coming weeks. While the delegates are not obligated to accept the committee’s recommendation, it is very rare for the committee decision to be overruled by members of the ABA.