Five Historically Black Universities Penalized by the NCAA With a Loss of Athletic Scholarships

In the latest assessment of the academic performance of student athletes on more than 6,000 teams competing in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division I, the NCAA penalized 218 teams at 123 different colleges and universities because they fell short of minimum academic performance standards. Penalties can range from warnings to restrictions on practice times and the loss of athletic scholarships.

Colleges and universities in Division I are granted a certain number of athletic scholarships that they can give out in a particular sport. A school that is penalized with a loss of scholarships will have a more difficult time than their peer institutions recruiting enough athletes to field a competitive team.

Of the 218 teams at 113 colleges and universities that were penalized with a loss of athletic scholarships there were seven teams at five historically black colleges and universities that were subject to sanctions. The football programs at Howard University, Morgan State University, Southern University, and Texas Southern University were penalized. Hampton University’s men’s basketball and track teams lost scholarships. Morgan State’s women’s volleyball team also lost scholarships.