New Institute Hopes to Increase Number of Black Students in Science and Mathematics Fields

At the college and graduate school levels African Americans remain grossly underrepresented in the fields of science, engineering, and mathematics. One of the main reasons for the shortfall is that black students receive inadequate training in these fields in elementary and secondary education.

The Council for Opportunity in Education looks to improve on that trend through the establishment of the Louis Stokes Institute for Opportunity in STEM Education. Louis Stokes served 15 terms in Congress representing Cleveland, Ohio, before retiring in 1999. Throughout his congressional career, Stokes was committed to improving educational opportunities for African Americans.

The new institute will provide resources for educators to support teaching programs for disadvantaged students in college access programs such as TRIO and Upward Bound. The institute will also provide training in curriculum development for administrators and teachers in science and mathematics. Educational aids for students and parents will also be available from the institute.