13 Scholars Named to Research Board at the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

The Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund, established in 1987, represents 47 public black colleges and universities in 22 states and has provided more than $80 million in scholarships to students at these schools.

Now the organization has established the Research Advisory Council which will oversee research that contributes to the national discourse on the role of HBCUs in American higher education. The board will also assist scholars at historically black universities in establishing research collaborations with scholars at predominantly white universities.

The Research Advisory Board will consist of 13 scholars and administrators:

Florence Bonner, professor of sociology and anthropology at Howard University
Brian Bridges, associate director, Center for Advancement of Racial Ethnic Equity
Clifton Conrad, professor of educational leadership and policy analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Laura Perna, associate professor of policy, management and evaluation division at the University of Pennsylvania
Shaun Harper, assistant professor of education at the University of Pennsylvania
James Minor, assistant professor of higher education at Michigan State University
Gregory Price, Charles E. Merrill Professor of Economics at Morehouse College
Marybeth Gasman, assistant professor of higher education at the University of Pennsylvania
Sheila Kearney, executive director of the Gallup Institute for Global Well-Being
Paul Butler, Carville Dickenson Benson Research Professor of Law at George Washington University
N. Joyce Payne, founder of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund
Terrell Strayhorn, assistant professor and special assistant to the provost at the University of Tennessee
Tryan L. McMickens, assistant director of the National Black Male College Achievement Study at the University of Pennsylvania