New Harvard Report on Faculty Diversity Sheds No New Light on the Progress of Blacks

Evelynn Hammonds, senior vice provost for faculty development and diversity at Harvard University, has issued her office’s first annual report on efforts to increase gender and racial diversity on the university’s faculty.

The report found that in Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which includes Harvard College, 10 percent of the tenured faculty and 17 percent of the tenure-track faculty are members of minority groups. But nowhere in the report is there a racial breakdown of minority faculty. Therefore, we don’t know from these statistics if blacks are being hired to the Harvard faculty or if the university faculty is increasingly made up of scholars of Asian descent.

The latest JBHE survey of black faculty at the nation’s highest-ranked universities found that blacks were 3.1 percent of the total full-time faculty, which placed Harvard seventh among the eight Ivy League universities.