New Web Site Offers Huge Library of Video Clips to Help Black Students Decide Where to Go to College

With gasoline prices at record levels, the traditional summertime car trips by high school students and their parents to scout out potential colleges may be cut back. So a new Web site has debuted which hopes to give visitors an independent look at hundreds of different colleges and universities through the medium of online video. (Live Video University Television) offers more than 50,000 video clips from hundreds of different colleges and universities across the nation. In candid interviews, students discuss academics, nightlife, athletics, and countless other subjects of concern to potential students.

To date, Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College are the only black colleges participating in the effort. But most of the nation’s highest-ranked universities and flagship state schools are represented, and their offerings can be helpful to college-bound black students. For example, there are dozens of videos of students at Harvard University. Many of them are black students discussing their experiences at the university.