Brighter Outlook at Southern University at New Orleans

No educational institution was hit harder by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 than Southern University in New Orleans. The campus was completely flooded and was forced to relocate to a city of temporary trailers several miles north. Today, nearly three years after the hurricane, only one building on the original downtown campus is in use.

Many academic programs were dropped altogether in the restructuring after the hurricane. Online offerings of other courses were greatly enhanced to offset the lack of classroom space.

But things are looking up. The university plans to begin construction of the first dormitories in the school’s history. By next semester, it is hoped that some of the other buildings on the downtown campus will be partially reopened.

And the university has announced that degree programs in mathematics, English, and history will once again be offered. Many natural science programs, which existed prior to the hurricane, will not be offered at the present time.